Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shiok maki

Located as a standalone restaurant within food republic wisma atria. It's hard to miss this place given the perpetually snaky queue. Some refer to this dish as the Singapore bastardization of the Japanese maki- hence it's title "shiok maki". I couldn't agree more. Japanese food purists will be crying murder.

That said.. This maki really packs a punch like no other. Order shiok maki 1 which comes with an unagi filling and give shiok maki 2 (prawn filling) a miss. Smothered with fish roe and a highly creamy cheesy sauce, the sheer richness of the dish overwhelms. A generous dollop of wasabi perched at the side offers some piquant respite. 

Enjoy but don't go too often lest u suffer a heart attack.

Other good stuff to order: a pork wrapped asparagus roll drenched in crispy garlic and black sauce


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