Saturday, January 10, 2015

Best eats 2014

In 2014, I was fortunate to be exposed to a wide range of food and drink of varying textures, tastes and price tags (shiok ness being their only commonality). Here are some of my prized finds.

(1) Char Siew from the semi burnt honey marinade and the tender semi fatty pork slices. 300g (min order) costs around 16 bucks and feeds 3-4 pax. I usually order this with a delish side of Claypot eggplant and a bowl of steaming white rice thrown in for good measure. Looking forward to order this for 2015 reunion dinner.

(2) cristal champagne. Evil stuff which beats Dom Perignom by more than a whisker. Nuff said.

(3) tai parfait: always had a thing for the red bean stuffed taiyaki since yaohan days. This is an amped up cutesy version that comes with add ons like ice cream and mochi

(4) salted caramel cake n fish n chips from nom patisserie. Was it the memorable blind date I arranged that made the dishes seem particularly yummy that day?

(5) char kway teow from the famous hill street fried kway teow in Bedok market. Hands down the best smokey old school version I've ever eaten.

(6) hand made chocolate with crunchy rose bits from Czech Republic. My insurance agent bought a bar for me and the taste was exceptionally exquisite.

(7) rabbit satay from Malaysia's famous kajang area. It tastes like a more tender version of chicken. I was conned into eating this but concede that it is really not that bad!

(8) salted egg calamari and fried mango chicken from ah loy Thai, shaw plaza. Discovered it via a online coupon promotion. I was instantly hooked by the addictive batter and kept making return visits. 

(9) live sea urchins from sushi airways. Shucked fresh on demand. A spine tingling experience. Love love love the creamy and briny texture.

(10) Tim ho wan.. I finally tried their famous char siew Bolo pau and other signature dishes. Cheap and good. 

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Apple tartin

Am always on the look out for a good apple tartin recipe after eating a killer version at restaurant ember.

This one featured on 8 days eat sounds promising..definitely ranks v high on the "must bake" list for 2015.
Happy New Year and bon appetit to all!


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