Monday, June 14, 2010

4 Fingers Bonchon

Four fingers in the air
The best kept secret you don't want to share
(yes..they have their own jingle! check it out in their website

One of the best things that happened to me this year was the discovery of 4 Fingers Bonchon

I enjoy chicken wings but usually shy away from them because they are messy, oily affairs . I also never quite got over the urban legend that eating chicken wings will cause cancer.

This changed after I took my first bite of Four Fingers Bon Chon chicken wings. I have since become a hopeless chicken wing fanatic (CWF) and there is no turning back.

Here are some reasons why I find 4 Fingers Bonchon so appealing:

1) Chic outlet in Ion. I'm a sucker for packaging and 4 Fingers Bonchon seems to have gotten its formula right by positioning itself as a funky fast food-like joint with cute boxes, quirky video clips and thumping music. I also like the fact that it is usually not too packed on weekdays during lunchtime.

Funky box

2) The wings/drumletters are really delish! They come in battered bite size pieces which are a joy to nibble on (using your thumb and index fingers, thus giving rise to the term "4 Fingers"). You get to choose from 3 distinct flavors- soy, garlic and hot. All are equally addictive. marrying the best of sweet, salty, savory and spicy. My girlfriend and I usually order a set of 18 wings/drumlettes (SGD19.95) to share and ask for an equal mix of all 3 flavors. The hot flavor never fails to make me weep so do keep some fries, dry napkins and soft drinks on hand.

Chicken so good it made me cry

3) Sides. Order the tofu mushroom salad with sesame soyu dressing (SGD6.95). I'm no salad eater but I could eat this salad everyday because it just tastes so good! The medley of battered tofu and mushroom is a perfect match. Coupled with the tantalizing sweet-salty sesame soyu dressing, this is one powerful salad that has changed my perspective of salads.

Mother of all salads

The server must have noticed how much I was enjoying myself because halfway into the meal, she presented me and my girlfriend with a thick booklet full of discount coupons for future purchases. 150 pcs of chicken for SGD139.50 anyone?
Note: After eating 4 Finger Bonchon, I went on a chicken wing rampage. None can match up to 4Fingers in my humble opinion but some noteworthy alternatives include those from Old Chang Kee (best eaten piping hot with their special sambal), Ikea, Overeasy and Ice Cold Beer Stellar Bar.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chat Masala @ Upper East Coast Road

Tucked in the leafy suburbs of Siglap, Chat Masala is an unassuming pint sized eatery, occupying the corner unit of an old style shophouse.

This eatery has easily been around for more than 8 years and is owned by ex-Singapore team footballer Sundramoorthy. Although Mr S has since retired from the sporting scene, its nice to know that his food legacy still lives on.

On a particularly warm and lazy Saturday evening, Hubby and I decided to spice things up a little by going to Chat Masala for dinner. Parking was a bummer and we had to resort to illegally park by one of the side lanes. We were the first visitors for the evening and were fortunate to secure a table for 2 without reservations (on the understanding that we would have to vacate our table by 8pm).

Here's what we had:

A scrumptious concoction of mushrooms in a creamy butter curry. We had to restrain ourselves from ordering seconds. This is good stuff!

Needless to say, the gravy went really well with our garlic and cheese naans, which arrived piping hot.

A simple dish of ladies fingers doused in chili oil. Though fresh and crunchy, I felt this dish lacked a fiery punch to it.

Masala chicken. The gravy was sufficiently rich and the chicken meat was tender. However there were coriander seeds and spices hidden in the gravy, which resulted in a slightly jarring aftertaste. I also wish they had deboned the chicken.

Our total bill came up to SGD48.50, which, considering what we ordered, is decent value for money. Feeling slightly unsatiated after that, we headed to Ice Cream Chefs for dessert.

Chat Masala's catchy slogan of "Hot Food and Spicy Gossip" never fails to tingle my tastebuds everytime I drive past. Unfortunately, whilst the food is well presented and palatable, the restaurant seems to have somewhat detrated from its "spicy" roots (possibly to cater to the tastebuds of its predominantly expatriate clientele).

This place is great for quick fix when craving for Indian food in the East. However, for a more authentic (and extravagant) dining experience, I would probably head to Rang Mahal.

Chat Masala
158 Upper East Coast Road
Tel: 6876 0570

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Being an Extra

How it feels to be an extra in Ubud on the set of "eat, pray, love"

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Only in Singapore

So funny I cannot stop laughing


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