Sunday, March 08, 2009

Atas Pizza with lots of Bite

Armed with a ravenous apetite on a sunny weekday afternoon, my colleague decided to venture a little further for lunch and visit this new joint called Skinny Pizza at Suntec City.

I have heard of this place for quite some time. Its run by the folks at STRIP who provide waxing services. (brazilian wax anyone ?) STRIP runs really weird might have seen the one with hairy orang utans jumping into the water.

Skinny Pizza is quite near Balaclava and relatively easy to spot once you walk into the main entrance of Suntec City. The setting is casual yet eclectic with bohemian jazz playing in the background. My colleague and I chose a cosy corner alongside the wall with huge cushy armchairs and ordered the set lunch for 2, which, at 32 bucks gets us 2 non alcoholic drinks, 1 skinny plizza, 1 truffle fries and 2 soups.

1) Drinks- Passable...fizzy sodas which come in a variety of flavors. I chose root beer while my colleague chose a citrus flavor. i think hers was nicer.
2) Soup- We both chose the truffle mushroom soup. Strangely, my colleague found hers too salty whereas I found mine rather bland. It was nonetheless a hearty starter.
3) Truffle Fries...def the star but I didn't taste any truffles?! The shoestring fries come in a small basket. They taste exceptionally good when eaten hot and go well with cheapo chilli sauce
4) Pizza- The supposed "star" turned out OK only. It didn't blow me away but at least it tasted exactly how it looked- a giant papadum smothered with atas toppings. The choice of toppings is actually pretty extensive (and exotic...anyone keen on ratoutuille topping?) Being the boring people that we are, my colleague and I opted for a relatively safe option of macademia nut with roasted pumpkin. I enjoyed the combination of sundried tomatoes, cheese, macademia nuts and rocket leaves and roasted pumpkin. However, after awhile, it got really messy and I gave up eating altogether.

Looks yummy doesn't it? Well, eating is believing!

Here's a hilarious review of the place written by a disgruntled diner from one of the local food forums. I can't help smiling everytime I read it. =)

fancy a gym workout for your jaw? want to lose some fats on your face to celebrate cny? visit skinny pizza if so.

after being beaten flat by votes, i found myself very reluctantly at skinny pizza- spa esprit's latest 'slaughter-house' for hungry people like me. having had very bad experiences at HOUSE, i have been resolute enough to not let them earn a single cent from me. but i suppose, i can't fight the forces so i must follow and burn some money, at times.

arriving at skinny pizza, it was delightful to find a dj spinning some nice tunes but of course a friendly word of advice from your not so friendly neighborhood girl, don't sit too near the console less you want to be deaf earlier.

after sharing some hearsay and scrutinizing of the menu, between 3 friends and myself, we ordered 3 pizzas, you know to reward ourselves after a hard day of slavery in the office.

the 3 pizzas were:
1. 12-inch Wild Truffled Mushroom (S$18)
2. 12-inch Salami & Pesto ($18)
3. 12-inch Sauteed Spinach & Egg ($18)

so we waited for abit and when the food was finally served, some of us rubbed hands with glee and some not. (mostly me really). the pizza looked like a messy bunch of something. nonetheless, as i sank my teeth into the wild truffled mushroom 'pizza', my heart was bursting with an obscene amount of knns or for the more cultured, omgwtf. such mixed feelings really, the mushrooms were great they even tasted like really musky and raw, almost felt as though they just plucked it from the soil. but, that crust. is this really 'pizza' or PAPADUM? so i munched and i munched and i munched. it was crispy, it was crunchy, it even tasted a lil oily at some point, not too sure if it was my imagination after munching for a long time, but yes, it was hell lot of munching. to the point that the girls at the table had to rest for abit in between to give our jaws a break.

nonetheless, after all the pizzas (salami & pesto- normal normal, spinach & egg- tamade expensive!) have finally arrived, i can safely conclude that we were really eating INDIAN PAPADUMS WITH EXPENSIVE ANGMOH TOPPINGS.

once again, i've been defeated by spa-esprit and its evil group of establishments. skinny pizza, this is my fond farewell to you for i must be on crack to wanna come back again.

however, all is not lost for any of you foodies out there who are keen to lose some weight around your jaw area, you may by all means visit skinny pizza- the right place to meet your needs.

final friendly advice: do not go on a 1st date here because all those munching and flying papadums, you'd probably end up looking damn lah-sup. (dirty)

Must Tries: munching on the fake pizza

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