Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big D

I'm don't usually fancy grilled meats. The gamey taste and stringy texture of the meat just turns me off.

On certain rare occasions though, I like what I eat. And when I mean rare, I mean REALLY rare.

Big D is one of the few places which falls under my category of "approved meats". The kurobuta pork is melt in the mouth tender and bursting with flavour. No hint of that gamey livery taste I absolutely hate. The accompanying sauce isn't overwhelming and complements the meat nicely.

At over 30 bucks for a relatively small portion (served in a dingy coffeeshop in Bedok), this is definitely not a normal weekday dinner option. Which explains why I haven't returned since.

I heard that Big D has since moved shop to Holland Drive, which is a wise choice in my honest opinion - since the Bedok neighbourhood is def not as affluent as the Holland one.

Heard that Big D can cook some really mean Peranakan fare. Apparently he hosts degustation dinner for friends and a selected (lucky) few customers. I can personally attest to the wonders of his sambal buah keluak which on first sight, looks like a lump of unappealing (and grossly overpriced) charcoal paste. Once you put it into your mouth however, you will be AMAZED. Its delicious, rich and overpowering. Best accompanied with steaming white rice and NOTHING else.

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