Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 (not so) new food sightings in Singapore

Sakura and Cordyceps Chickens
I have a hunch the chickens we eat are hormonally enhanced to yield more succulent fleshy meat. However, the plot seems to have thickened. Our chickens now also listen to Mozart and are fed with cordyceps!

These prized chickens retail at thrice the price of a normal chicken in major supermarkets and seem to be selling well. Looks like Singaporeans are a pretty cultured lot! =)

Black Garlic

The packaging proudly coins it "Black Gold", thus giving rise to its hefty price tag of over 60 bucks for a few bulbs. Its actually just normal garlic which has been fermented over high temperatures. The final product purportedly contains twice as much antioxidants as normal garlic and is supposed to boast a melt in the mouth texture with tangy sweet undertones.

Anyone game for a meal of black garlic roasted cordyceps chicken?

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