Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mooncakes 2010

Majestic Restaurant @ Bukit Pasoh/ Jing @ One Fullerton

The deal I managed to sniff out this week comes from Majestic Restaurant.

A quick scan of this year's offerings doesn't reveal anything new. There are only 2 flavors for snowskin mooncakes (lychee liquer and durian) and the traditional baked mooncakes all come with at least one yolk.

Nonetheless, I'm still set on getting myself a box of mooncakes from Majestic this year. The restaurant is well known for its quality cuisine and I'm pretty sure this applies to its mooncakes too.

Click here for pricelist.

Note: DBS offering 30% off Majestic mooncakes till 29 Aug. Thereafter, 20% off mooncakes from 30Aug-22Sept

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