Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morning snack

I awoke at 5am this morning and found myself in an awkward position-it was too early for breakfast and too late to go back to sleep.

Since Hubby was awake and game for a car ride, we decided to drive to Changi Airport to grab a bite.

Terminal 2 boasts the greatest food selections, with a 24 hr Swensens, Ya Kun, Mac Donalds, Polar, Coffee Bean and Burger King. Since Hubby was in the mood for something heavy and hearty, Swensens was the obvious choice.

Didn't take a picture of Hubby's food (chicken baked rice) as it looked quite boring.

I did however manage to snap a most interesting looking cake as we were walking back.

Kit Kat Petite

Update: Just visited Cold Storage and discovered that you can redeem the above cake free if you spend SGD25 on Nestle products (including KitKat, AfterEight and Milky Way)

How very quaint and innovative!

I used to think that all the yummy cakes that could ever be thought of had already been created. How wrong I have been!

Update: A colleague gave me the KitKat mini log for Christmas this year. It looked delicious and Hubby immediately staked a claim over it. Unfortunately, it was all looks and no substance. The outer fudge layer crumbled off to reveal a pathetic looking sponge which was half hollow. What a bummer.

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