Saturday, February 12, 2011

Royce has been dethroned!

I'm no chocolate connoisseur. However, there are days when Cadbury chocolate just doesn't make the cut. For days when I crave something more, I usually reach for a box of Royce nama chocolate.

Over the Chinese New Year celebrations, we played host to some friends. After dinner, a guest furtively shoved a packet of these into my hands and urged me to try them asap. She then proceeded to explain how she had magically chanced upon these delish creations at an obscure sweet shop tucked in Parco Bugis. After some egging from the cute Japanese boss, she bought a packet to try.

The rest is history.

I apprehensively unwrapped the packet and helped myself to a piece. Appearance wise, the cocoa dusted sphere looked small and unassuming. After popping it into my mouth and biting into the chocolate, I was impressed by its smooth finish, which left a pleasant nutty bittersweet aftertaste on my tongue. As I ventured on to make out the remaining flavors, I was surprised to discover the addition of cheese! The resulting blend of bittersweet and savory was bizarre yet so orgasmic-ally good. I couldn't resist taking a second and third helping. Soon the whole packet was empty.

And the rest is history.

I wonder why I don't get this "shiok" factor from high end ang moh chocolates like Hediard, Godiva and Laurent Bernard. Perhaps my tastebuds are still not sophisticated enough.

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