Saturday, March 12, 2011

Light bites at The Sail

Stumbled upon this hole in the wall cafe on a dreary weekday afternoon. Prices of sandwiches and lunch bento sets are reasonable, starting from SGD8 for a chicken sandwich. Staff sport sunny dispositions and service is brisk. Restaurant even offers free lunch delivery service to my office.

Ordered the much raved about king crab sandwich and found it rather unappealing at first. Portion was paltry and looked like it could be consumed in 5 mouthfuls. Also took issue with the bread, which resembled something you could fish out of a gardenia sandwich bag in a supermarket.

My attitude however changed after taking the first bite. The subtle sweetness of the shredded king crab was well balanced with just the right amount of mayo. Even the use of white sandwich bread was a well thought one as its clean spongy softness mopped up the fillings nicely and did not overwhelm the delicate seafood undertones. Yummy.

As I was still feeling quite peckish after that, I ordered a california handroll. Easily one of the best versions I have eaten but not cheap at SGD5 a piece.

Didn't get to sample my kaki's pork bento set as the portion looked barely enough to feed one. She pronounced it highly tasty and commented that she would not mind ordering it again.

Overall a good place for a quick and light lunch. However, be prepared to pay more if you decide to order sashimi, drinks and dessert.

Hokkaido Sandwich and Sashimi Deli
4 Marina Boulevard
#01-33 The Sail @ Marina Bay S018986
Tel: 65090685

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