Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baba King delivers?!

I'm still incredulous as I'm typing this.

My favorite Peranakan restaurant Baba King has joined Deal.Com.Sg's delivery services.

Really curious to see if the food will taste just as nice when delivered especially - since Peranakan food is supposed to be eaten best served piping hot. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest update.

Latest Update: Feedback on Baba King online food delivery experience:
Recently, I received an email promoting Baba King's set lunch at only S$10 inclusive of delivery. Thinking it was pretty good value (considering that each set comprises of sambal fish, rice and a vegetable side), I promptly placed an order for 2 sets.

Making the order was rather frustrating. After several attempts, I gave up on the online route as the website did not seem to cater for online promotions. Placing a phone order proved vexing too. I was only able to get through after about 10 failed calls. Thankfully, the service staff who eventually did take my call was professional and very experienced.

The food arrived as promised at 12 noon. The food was tasty but portions were disappointingly measly. Definitely not even worth the S$10 I paid for. Will NOT be ordering Baba King online again.

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