Sunday, September 29, 2013

Samurai craze

Every year macs never fails to launch a samurai burger promotion. This year is no exception.
The samurai burger (basically just a beef burger smothered with a special umami sauce) does not quite attract as big a queue as the ubiquitous hello kitty but nonetheless boasts a loyal following of is own.
Me? I'm not a fan of burgers but I simply adore Mac Donald French fries. To complement the samurai burger (as well as milk the pockets of  consumers like me) macs has concurrently launched a flavoured French fry pairing called seaweed shaker fries. Basically its a satchet of seaweed and msg laced powder that u liberally shake over the fries, resulting in macs' version of "mamee". This flavored French fry is arguably the best loved flavoured french fry macs has introduced to date. 

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