Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rainbow cake

Got this light bulb moment when I was browsing through an 8 days eat article on 20 yummiest desserts in Singapore. Everything looked so yummy and I hadn't even tried one of them! Shows how much I've been missing out on the dessert scene in Singapore. 

Henceforth begins my (mis)adventure to try each and every one of these desserts mentioned in the article. And I hope to do so with 20 different friends so I have 20 different stories to tell.

(1) adventure one: rainbow cake at nom paterisserie

Rainbow connection?
Notes: a dreary working Monday made less dreary by thought of a generous slice of salted caramel rainbow cake. 
Company: 2 ex schoolmates whom I have been trying to matchmake for the longest time

Verdict: a little awkward but definitely a match. Besides ordering 2 slices of rainbow cake (1 with choc cream and the other with salted caramel) we also ordered a bevy of other dishes like chicken skin, smoked duck pizza and fish n chips. My vote goes to the beer battered fish n chips- super yummy and in generous portions too. Not too oily, yet retaining its crispiness after 1 hour.  Rainbow cake (6.90 a piece) was definitely a cut above the other versions I've tried, boasting a rich buttery crumb. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Almost every table ordered a slice. I personally preferred the chocolate to the salted caramel but my dining companions begged to differ. 

Adventure quotient: 7. It's in a nondescript community club in the middle of rows of hdb flats. Not v accessible. We had to take a train to Mac pherson, hail a bus from there and walk a little. Restaurant comes across a little sparse and the background music can get a little stifling at times especially if u sit near the speakers. Check out the retro dragon playground slide (for kids under 3 only)

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