Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poison Ivy @ Neo Tiew Road

We were itching for some mild adventure on a late Sunday afternoon.

Being lazy urbanites allergic to any form of exercise (other than eating) we decided to drive down to Poison Ivy at Neo Tiew Road for a taste of laid back farm life (Singapore style).

Thank goodness there was GPS, without which we would have been hopelessly lost. We traversed through windy gravel-like roads, industrial estates, wild patches of grassland and even cemeteries before we finally reached Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy is a rustic cafe run by the ever effervescent Ivy Singh Lim and her husband. As the title of the cafe suggests, do NOT mess with Ivy Singh Lim. She is a firm provocateur of female enpowerment and more intriguing in person than on TV. In fact, part of the draw of visiting this far flung cafe is personally meeting this chilli padi in person.

Back to the food. We ordered Warrior Chicken Curry, Satay Chicken and Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves as our main dishes. Everything is supposed to be healthy, with minimal addition of salt and msg. Even the veges are purportedly grown from the adjourning farm maintained by Ivy and her genteel hubby. Very impressive indeed.

The spiciness of the warrior chicken curry left me reeling with a dripping nose and flaming tongue. To tame the heat, I ordered a cup of fig tea, which proved to be a refreshing remedy. As the curry was too spicy for hubby, he dived straight for the satay chicken and gave it two thumbs up. Whilst we appreciated the healthy touches in the dishes, we wished the "lemak" ante was upped in most of the dishes.

For dessert, hubby ordered the banana pineapple crumble with vanilla ice cream while I opted for kueh kosui. The crumble was melt in the mouth delicious, boasting just the right amount of buttery goodness and tangy fruit punch. The generous scoop of vanilla ice cream was a welcome diversion to the sweltering heat outside.

Equally delightful was my serving of kueh kosui, which was practically oozing with gooey gula melaka goodness at every bite.

My only 2 grouses? The cash-only payment terms (which caught us unprepared and left us unceremoniously rummaging for loose change) and the ever present houseflies (which never quite seemed to leave us alone).

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