Thursday, December 03, 2009

Marutama Ramen

To me, the best part of eating Marutama Ramen is the EGG

Some folks swear by the char siew which comes in huge meaty discs with spirals of fats. The meat effortlessly melts in the mouth and oozes with fatty goodness. (Unfortunately, being the die hard traditionalist that I am, Kay Lee's honey crusted version still wins by a whisker)

Others harbor an soft spot for Marutama's thick soup stock which is saturated with meat juices, seaweed, spring onions and a tasty dashi base. Liberally sprinkle lashings of crunchy garlic chips on the noodles if you are a garlic lover like me (beware of dragon's breath though). I've seen many a grown man ask for second helpings of the soup, only to slurp it down within seconds. Seriously, its that good.

The egg however takes center stage for me. I could eat ten of these at one go and I'm not joking. Let's take a closer look.

See the elusive yolk glistening within the egg white? This is worth its weight in gold. How the chefs manage to maintain its spherical shape whilst keeping the insides semi solid is a mystery.

Once you pop the whole egg into your mouth and take your virgin bite, the result is life changing. There's no more turning back. Eggs will never taste the same again.

Several egg lovers have since aspired to unravel the secret recipe behind making this perfect egg. Chubby Hubby shares his version over here

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