Monday, April 12, 2010

15 Food Cravings

Is it possible to crave 15 different kinds of food at one time?

To me, it is.

Here's my list:

1) Durian puffs from Goodwood Park Hotel & Mao Shan Wang Durian from 717 Trading

Limited stock. Catch em while you can

Stinky and superb

2) Penang Laksa and Nonya Mee Siam from Mama Chin at Circular Rd

Sweet, sour and salty all rolled into one

Simply sedap

3) Mala Steamboat from The Chinese Feasts

Addictive and spicy. More mushroom and fish glue please!

4) Grilled Mackerel Set with Grated Yam Rice from Ootoya

A healthy yet delicious treat

5) Grilled Brinjals, Ayam Buah Keluak and Lamb Devil Curry from Baba King

Nonyas rejoice

6) Negitoro Don from Botan @ Far East Square

An accidental find which I have since grown to love

7) Royce nama chocolates

Sweet Dreams are made of these

8) Pork Knuckles from Tawandang

Sinfully yours.

9) Roast pork crackling from Ember

Best Roast Pork. Ever.

10) Cheese Nachos and chili from Chilis

Comfort food

Comfort food multiplied by two

11) Mango clams from Ah Yat @ Turf City

Sweet and succulent

12) Yong Tau Foo from Golden Shoe Carpark

Worth braving the queue and the humid weather for

13) Char Siew from Kay Lee's

One plate is never enough

14) Pulut Hitam Ice Cream Coconut dessert at Peach Garden


15) Molly Malone's Fish and Chips

Golden and glorious

What's yours?

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