Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Char restaurant

There's been some clandestine activity going on at Guillemard road, just opposite Kong Hwa school. Every night sharply dressed yuppies have been forming snaking queues outside a non descript Shophouse unit called "char" for a taste of killer char Siew, roast pork and beer.

I'm no yuppie (auntie is more apt) but I love my char Siew nonetheless. And though this char siew is charged by weight (min 400g for around $20), this little piggy gives 2 thumbs up. 

So succulent you can literally feel the fats dripping down your throat.

And what's char Siew without its faithful accomplice "Siew yoke". This crackling rocks! 

The duck. Nice sheen of crispy skin. Some crazy people prefer this to char Siew.

Their not so fantastic yusheng only served during cny.. 

Must try this slightly over salted but umami packed claypot eggplant 

Getting to the restaurant is easy if u know your way. Take the circle line to dakota mrt and take exit A. Walk towards a wooded path under weeping trees and continue down along a stretch of canal before crossing the road at the traffic light outside Kong Hwa school. Housed along the same Shophouse stretch as char are stalwarts like tanjong rhu pau and a pub called Tuckshop. 

For drivers, there is a lovely empty car park outside mount batten community park. The restaurant is a 5 min walk from the carpark. And it is quite a romantic walk. Ladies pls do not park there if u are alone. 

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