Thursday, October 29, 2009

Think you're a foodie? Challenge

I love taking part in contests/lucky draws, especially those that possess the below qualities:

1) Prizes are many and too good to miss
2) Companies are of decent standing and wouldn't randomly circulate/sell my particulars to some data companies which will spam my mailbox
3) Not many people know of the contest (thus increasing the probability of winning)
4) The contest subject is close to my heart e.g. food related
5) It doesn't take too much effort to complete the application form

This "strategy" has paid off quite handsomely so far. Some of the items I have won to date include ipods, movie tickets, toiletries and food vouchers. Although some might think it is a little frivolous to go gaga over such insignificant freebies, its amazing how these little surprises can add color to an otherwise dull (and luckless) day.

Over time, I'll be intermittently posting up details on contests which I think are too good to miss.
Here's one to start off:

Pan Pacific's Think You're a Foodie? Challenge
This contest is pretty straightforward. Every Mon, a Japanese-food-related question will be posted in the below link.

All you have to do is to be one of the first 2 folks to email the correct answer (together with your name, ic and contact no) to with the subject header "Think You're a Foodie?" and you'll soon find yourself feasting on a delectable "Keyaki Palate Pleaser" (includes two pieces each of Blue Fin Tuna, Yellowtail and Scallop sashimi and a bottle of Keyaki Sake (180ml)).


The catch? You have to be the first 2 to email the correct answer. Which means that if you really want to win, you should standby your computer at 12am on Sunday night and keep refreshing the above link to ensure that you are the first to receive (and respond to) the updated question of the week.

May the "win" be with you!

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