Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arinco King (CLOSED DOWN)

Rin(g) my Bell

I was trembling with anticipation as I made my way down to Ion Food Hall on a Monday morning to pay homage to the much raved about Arinco King.

Good news. No queue! Arinco Fever must have finally died down.

After randomly scanning through the list of items available (sandcakes and rollcakes), I decided to order the salt caramel rollcake, which is touted to be the best selling item in the shop.

The rollcakes. Choose from vanilla, salt caramel and matcha. Each flavor comes with its own unique box, complete with ice packs that can last for up to 3 hours.

The equally pretty but not so sale-able sandcakes, which are much cheaper (but purportedly less tasty) than the rollcakes

At SGD18 per roll, the salt caramel rollcake is no cheap treat. The store doesn't sell individual slices (so its one whole roll or nothing). Each roll ain't that long either- it can comfortably feed 5 people at most.

A life size salt caramel rollcake strategically placed on the counter to tease us rabid foodies....

Consumed by greed, I decided to dispense with niceties and ask for a slice of the roll to be cut for me a la minute . The service staff obliged and proceeded to do so with utmost precision and finesse. I was suitably impressed.

The roll was every bit as scrumptious as it looked, with a sinfully rich cream centre spiked with hints of bittersweet caramel, encased in a velvety sponge exterior. This was unlike any other roll I had ever eaten. Everything about it was fresh, exquisite and delicious.

Due to the open concept of the Food Hall, seating is highly limited. It was a mean feat trying to gingerly cradle my handbag in one hand whilst eating my precious roll with the other. Nonetheless, with the JPY skyrocketing at such high levels against the SGD these days, this is a small price to pay for a piece of Japanese heaven right here in Singapore.

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