Sunday, May 09, 2010

10 best sweets in Singapore

Click here to view 10 best sweets in Singapore
(as collated by Dan Lepard from the Guardian newspaper)

For fun, I have also compiled my own version of 10 best sweets in Singapore:

1. Rainbow kueh lapis from Bengawan Solo
Bengawan Solo's nonya kuehs are undisputedly one of the best in town. My favourite way to eat the rainbow kueh lapis is to strip it off layer by layer. The shop's chiffon cakes are also a best seller and are especially popular among Taiwanese tourists.

2. Goodwood Park durian puffs. These seasonal treats beat Puteri Mas' version upside down in my personal opinion.

3. Lana Chocolate Fudge Cake
Eaten by both the man in the street and Singapore's finest politicans alike, this cake has seen me through many birthdays. Several copycats have sprung out over the years but none have managed to replicate a cake as popular as Lana's.

4. Soy beancurd tart from Le Cafe Confectionary
A creative intepretation of the humble egg tart and tau huay. Quintessentially Singaporean. Of course if you are a purist and just like to eat 'tau huay' (soy beancurd) on its own, you can also check out Singapore's famous tau huay shops by clicking here.

5. Egg Tarts and Chinese pastries from Tong Heng Bakery
The boat shaped egg tarts are simply out of the world. They could give Leung Sang's version a run for their money! When you are there, don't forget to try the shop's extensive array of Chinese pastries too.

6. Cheesecake from Checkers Deli at Hilton Hotel
Arguably the best cheesecake in town.

7. Cheng Tng from Bedok Corner Hawker Centre (Shop Name is called "Ye Lai Xiang")
Look out for Uncle Andrew. He's a wicked teaser but bear with him, for his cheng tng is an incredible pick me up, especially on a hot day.

8. Pulut Hitam with vanilla ice cream in a young coconut
Conceptualized by Peach Garden, this dessert is too delicious to miss even on a full stomach.

9. Barcook Bakery's Raisin Cheese Buns
The young 20-something enterpreneurs behind Barcook put couch potatoes like me to shame. Their flagship outlet at a HDB void deck in Chinatown attracted such a long queue that they have since opened 2 more outlets in Central and Raffles Place. The cheese raisin buns and muesli loafs rare highly popular among the chi chi office crowd as well as the "HDB aunties". Barcook has recently expanded their repertoire of products to include items like wasabi cheese buns and nacho mash potato buns, all of which make for a delightful afternoon tea snack.

10. Localized ice cream from Ice Cream Chefs
Where else in the world can you find Thai "red ruby" ice cream, kaya lotee ice cream and milo-peng ice cream together with the likes of the usual chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream? Only in hot and sunny Singapore of course!

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