Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Astons Specialities @ East Coast Road

A for Astons

I always thought Astons was a does one get by charging less than 20 bucks for a decent steak?

Thankfully, this is one instance where I am happy to be proven wrong. After what must have been a hundred procrastinations, I finally found the opportunity to visit the restaurant on a late Sunday evening without having to brave the infamous queue.

The restaurant's ambience is a cross between Burger King and Swensens, with practical booth seating and color tinted hanging lights. Perfect for casual family dinners.

There were hints of weariness on the young servers' faces and the floor felt a little grimy. Perhaps it was coming to closing time. I guess you can't expect tip top service/ambience when you are not paying top dollar.

Drinks are relatively cheap. I couldn't finish my mug of root beer (SGD1.80) but hubby happily gulped down 2 glasses of orange juice (SGD1.80 each). For mains, we ordered grilled fish with herbs and the New York Strip.

My fish dish tasted exactly how it looked- simply grilled and generously coated with herbs.and an asparagus cream sauce. At SGD7.20 a portion, you only get one small piece of fillet- so you will have to heavily rely on the sides to fill you up. Not recommended for big hungry men.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 sides of mashed potatoes and onion rings, The mashed potatoes were out of the world, with just the right amount of fluffiness, buttery goodness and brown gravy. Less exceptional but equally satisfying were the onion rings, which boasted sufficient crunch.

Hubby's New York Strip (SGD14.90) came perfectly grilled (medium rare). The accompanying mushroom sauce looked suspiciously like an enhanced version of the brown sauce used to douse the mashed potatoes. Nonetheless, it complemented the meat nicely.

We are secretly proud that despite its local origins, Astons has managed to hold its own in a market saturated with established angmoh steak joints. Whilst its no frills dining concept is evident in some areas, the restaurant more than makes up for it through its good value food offerings.

Hubby is already planning a return visit to try their promotional wagyu steak.

For a rundown of Aston's menu and prices, check out the below link: (the East Coast outlet falls under the Astons Specialities category)

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