Saturday, November 14, 2009

Streaming for Food

As if streaming in schools wasn't bad enough, Botak Jones has now come up with a promotion to reward kids for their academic efforts using a similar method.

Here's how it works:
Grade Average above 85%: 10% off total bill and a free fish and chips for the (smart) kid
Grade Average 70-84%: 10% off total bill and a free mini me botak burger for the (not so smart) kid
Grade Average 50-69%: 10% off total bill and a free dessert for the (least smart) kid

Note: Grade Average: means average score of all subjects taken. Report book or photocopy of results has to be brought to shop for verification

For further details, check out the below poster:

I'm so glad I've already graduated from school. Imagine how demoralising it must feel to only qualify for a free dessert when the smarter kids in neighbouring tables have earned themselves a fish and chips.

Its tough being a kid these days.

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