Saturday, November 14, 2009

Once Upon A Milk Shake

Ice ice baby

I'm glad some bigwig has decided to convert Maxwell Chambers into what it is today. The ground level is now lined with promising food outlets, all waiting to be slowly explored and savored.

One such gem is dessert haven Once Upon a Milk Shake". Everything about the shop squeals cutesy.

The walls are splashed with cheery purple and white hues, the menu board resembles a slab of grass and even the milkshakes/ice creams sport strange sounding names (all trademarked!) like:

Agent Strawberry: 100% fresh strawberries
Grumbling raisins: Flavorful rum with rum soaked raisins
Chocolate Truffle Castle: Mouth watering chocolate with truffle bits
Nutty Peanut Butler: Smooth and creamy peanut butter with crunchy peanuts
Spooky mocha: Aromatic coffee beans with chocolate
Cerious maple: Maple syrup with crunchy maple cereals
Vainilla pot: Simple and rich vanilla flavour
Sir Cookies & Cream: Rich vanilla with good old (did they mean ol?) Oreo cookies
Pirate Queen Prach: 100% real peaches

The owner(s) must have pretty big plans for the shop. Check out the pretty milkshake containers (which come in mini and regular sizes). Even the serviettes are embossed with the restaurant's logo!

My only grouse? The seats are boxy, low and rather uncomfortable. Pricing also seems a little too steep for my liking- I paid abt 3 bucks for a mini (really mini!) 210ml cookies and cream milkshake which was gone in under 4 slurps. Nonetheless, it is evident that the shop uses quality ingredients for all its products. The vanilla ice cream used in my milkshake was studded with pretty little vanilla bean speckles and was sufficiently rich and smooth.

To ramp up patronage on weekends, the shop is running an "ice cream by candlelight" promotion every sat from 8-9pm where one can enjoy milkshakes and ice cream under candlelight (free parking!)

Given the dearth of good ice cream hangouts in the CBD area, this is one place I will definitely be returning to every time I need a quick ice cream fix after lunch.

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